Five different blogs by five very different people, all members of an eccentric but charming family with serious issues.

There is Pallas, the matriarch of the Pickering family, a respected surgeon at the Sylvester V. Ackerly Hospital who is married to Karl Pickering, a seventy three year old retired librarian with a fondness for falconry – which is rather difficult to indulge in considering their three story semi-detached home in the heart of a metropolis. They have two children – Deo, a computer hardware engineer and young Hanif, who is fond of sequins. And then there is Pallas’s sister Elke, whom she has not heard of for almost fifteen years.

Deo convinces everybody to start a blog chronicling their daily lives, unwittingly triggering an avalanche of drama, self – discovery, repressed anger, identity disorders and deus ex machinas. All in thirty days.

Their blogs:






Almost all the basic traits of each character were randomly generated, including names, jobs, ages, relationships, gender identity, family role and hobbies. Everything here was made up and bears no resemblance to real or fictional persons ( word padding and disclaimer, rolled into one).

If you were linked here from any of these character’s blogs, I must remind you to never trust what their saying, because more likely than not what you read would lean more towards fiction rather than fact, as much as I like to keep things as close to reality as possible.


I’ll probably have to link everything in proper order but so far, the post names in order of writing are

Prologue I

Pallas: Hello

Prologue II

Hanif: Et Cetera

Prologue III

Karl: Another Day (Closer to death)

Prologue IV

Elke: Surviving the Odds

Prologue V

Deo: The Sublime Beauty of the Solid State

Deo: Psychedellic Haiku

Deo: On Being Crazy

Deo: Prophecy

Chapter 1a

Pallas – Hypnosis

Hanif – Burning Cosplayer Norman Iwo

Chapter 1b

Karl – The Basement

Chapter 1c

Eliot – T-Tales

Chapter 1d

Deo: Merde!

Deo: Model Friends

Chapter 1e

Pallas: A Junior Doctor

I must apologise to whoever was following this, because I didn’t manage to reach 50, 000 words after all. Lots of stuff came up but in the end it was just me being lazy and procrastinating and failing 😦

I might finish this if there’s interest, but most likely you are looking at another ended fullstop of the Internet.

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